Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape Kit Rechargeable

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Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape Kit


  • TPD and MHRA compliant
  • 5,000 puffs ready to enjoy straight from the box
  • Rechargeable 550 mAh battery
  • Transparent e-liquid chamber for a clear glance at e-liquid levels
  • Rapidly rechargeability via light-speed Type-C charging port
  • Mesh coil in 0.8Ω resistance
  • Consistently pure and authentic flavoured puffs
  • Lightweight chassis made from refined stainless steel


Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape | Rechargeable | From £8.99

The Snowplus Snap 5000 Vape Kit, created by Snowplus, showcases the ultimate companion for novice vapers looking for an easy-to-use rechargeable device boasting an incredible flavour journey. Through research and cutting-edge technology, Snowplus designed the Snap 5000 vape system to be a super portable kit with a rapidly recharging 550 mAh battery via a USB Type-C port. Despite its compact battery, the Snowplus Snap 5000 kit optimises power for smooth, consistent flavour for a full day. Along with Snowplus's natural and pure fruity flavours, the Snowplus Snap 5000 pod kit ensures a long-lasting and alluring flavour journey for the most adventurous palates out there. 

The Snap 5000 pod kit includes Snowplus' cutting-edge prefilled cartridge containing 1.6ml of their revered 20mg (2%) nic salt e-liquid. The Snap 5000 device further incorporates a 10ml refill container that automatically tops up your cartridge. This design ensures vapers are left with an ultra-smooth and satisfying mouth-to-long (MTL) experience for up to approximately 5,000 puffs. The Snap 5000 prefilled cartridge integrates Snowplus' next-gen 0.8ohm premium mesh technology to deliver extraordinarily rich taste with any of the 16 fruity and unique flavour combinations. 

Please note: Puff counts are approximate and dependent on the length of draws on each use, with significantly lower puff counts found if longer draws are taken.

Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape | Rechargeable | From £8.99


Ultra-Smooth Airflow
The Snowplus Snap 5000 pod kit harmonises a high-performing mesh atomiser with long draw resistance for an ultra-smooth throat hit and voluptuous clouds. This means avid vapers can explore new realms of flavour and vaping pleasure through Snowplus's superior performance.

Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape | Rechargeable | From £8.99


Cherry Cola
Mango Strawberry
Raspberry Watermelon
Strawberry Watermelon
Lemon Lime
Pineapple Ice
Pink Lemonade
Strawberry Raspberry
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Strawberry Kiwi
Blue Lemon Razz
Blueberry Raspberry
Bull Ice
Fizzy Cherry
Cherry Cranberry
Mixed Berries

The Snap 5000 by Snowplus combines a 500mAh rechargeable battery with a 2ml capacity tank, which self-reloads 20mg nicotine salt vape juice from a 10ml refill container totalling 12ml of vape liquid while being TPD-compliant and approved by the MHRA.

The 2ml mouthpiece tank houses a built-in mesh coil which heats up evenly to provide extreme flavour and rich vapour clouds by simply inhaling on the mouthpiece. The fixed-coil is optimised for (MTL) mouth to lung vaping with a small amount of vapour.

Snowplus next-gen mesh coil technology has had a revamp, significantly boosting the puff count, improving flavour, and texture of the vapour for an overall better vaping experience compared to previous models.

Ready to Enjoy
The Snowplus Snap 5000 pod kit replaces complicated assembly and toggle complexities with a fully automated vaping system for your convenience. Simply remove the silicone mouthpiece from the prefilled pod cartridge and rotate it to locate the notch. Afterwards, you can press the pod into the Snap 5000 device and commence your carefree vaping bliss. The Snowplus Snap 5000 device is designed with split-second ignition to deliver delicious taste straight from the box instantly. 

Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape | Rechargeable | From £8.99

Translucent Design
In addition to its convenience, the Snowplus Snap 5000 boasts a compact and elegant structure around a transparent, automatically refilling 10ml container. This provides a clear view of your e-liquid levels at a glance and avoids the frequent issue every vaper dreads; "burnt hits."

Pure Authentic Taste
 The Snowplus Snap 5000 emphasises enhancing the fragrance while offering a soothing vaping sensation. Its premium mesh technology and battery optimise its exquisite e-liquid by enriching your draw with a fuller and purer taste, perfect for vapers seeking a delicate yet balanced flavour delivery. 

1x Snowplus Snap 5000 Prefilled Vape Kit
1x manual

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