Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

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Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches provide 100% tobacco and odour-free nicotine delivery in minutes. These small, soft nicotine pouches fit neatly under your top or bottom lip, allowing you to enjoy indoors, outdoors, and public spaces freely and when travelling.

Available in three different strengths of nicotine, 6mg/g, 9mg/g and 12mg/g, with a choice of four flavours.

Sold in packs of 20.

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches | From £3.99 | Next Day Delivery

Nordic Spirit pouches provide a revolutionary full-strength nicotine experience that's 100% tobacco-free, available in a great range of flavours and strengths to find the perfect way to stay in the moment.

The strength of a nicotine pouch can be shown in two ways: the milligrams (mg) of nicotine per pouch or the milligrams of nicotine per gram. To make it easier to understand, Nordic Spirit categorise its nicotine strengths into Regular, Strong and Extra Strong.

Nordic Spirit pouches are supplied in standard-sized pouches weighing approximately 1 gram per pouch.

These pouches are available in three different nicotine strengths as follows:

6MG Regular
9MG Strong
12MG Extra Strong


Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches | From £3.99 | Next Day Delivery

Choose from four different flavours, expertly created to deliver a smooth, flavoursome nicotine ingestion.

Nordic pouches are designed with a lower moisture content, meaning the nicotine and flavour experience lasts as much as 60 minutes from a single pouch, allowing you to enjoy Nordic Spirit whenever or wherever you are.

Bergamot Wildberry: Delve into a perfectly blended sweet and citrus fusion of wild berries and bergamot.
Mint: Experience the feeling of Nordic air with this fresh-tasting balanced menthol flavour blended with crisp peppermint.
Spearmint: Crisp menthol freshness is balanced with fresh and sweet-tasting spearmint, leaving a lasting impression.
Watermelon: Dive into a succulent watermelon experience unwinding with a lingering sun-kissed sweet taste of the tropics.


Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches | From £3.99 | Next Day Delivery


Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco-free, with a steady nicotine delivery after just a few minutes.

The small, soft nicotine pouch fits neatly under your top or bottom lip, letting you enjoy all of life's moments.

Anytime. Anywhere.
No smoke, no vapour. Enjoy Nordic Spirit pouches indoors, outdoors, in public spaces and even when travelling.

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches | From £3.99 | Next Day Delivery

Instructions for use

Pop under your lip: Pop one of the soft, white nicotine pouches under your top or bottom lip. Position the pouch to the side of your lip for a more comfortable fit.

Tingling sensation: You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. This usually lasts around 15 minutes.

Enjoy: Enjoy a fresh nicotine experience that lasts up to an hour. Use it anytime, anywhere.

Dispose responsibly: When you’re done with your nicotine pouch, dispose of it in the general waste or store it at the top of the can until you can. The container is widely recycled.

Important Safety Information

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance that should only be used by adult smokers or vapers and nicotine consumers aged 18 years and over.

Nicotine pouches are not intended for use by:

People under the age of 18;
People who do not already use nicotine products;
People who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine;
Pregnant or breast-feeding women;
People who have high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or ulcers;
People with an unstable heart condition or severe hypertension.
This product contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in sensitive persons.

This product may cause hypertension, rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, loss of balance, pallor, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness, disturbed hearing and vision, mental confusion and weakness.

Consult a healthcare professional before using Nordic Spirit if you are on any medication.

Nicotine pouches are designed to be absorbed through the gums and should not be swallowed. If you swallow a pouch and feel unwell, seek medical advice with the information provided on the packaging.

Immediately stop use of this product and seek medical advice if you experience any of the following: development of an irregular heartbeat, allergic reaction such as rash, itching or swelling of the tongue, mouth or throat; feeling faint, nausea, headache or any other unusual or adverse effect.

Keep Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches out of reach of children and pets.

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