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Key Features
  • Flavour profiles crafted by world-renowned vape brand ELF BAR
  • 100% Tobacco-free
  • Long-lasting rich flavour for up to 30 minutes
  • Various delectable flavours to choose from
TACJA by ELF Bar Nicotine Pouches | From £2.99

The Tacja Nicotine Pouch has been crafted by Elf Bar to deliver a long-lasting, satisfyingly smooth flavour and nicotine hit. These small, soft pouches are 100% tobacco-free and manufactured in Sweden from gum and plant-based ingredients, offering a great alternative to vaping.
Tacja nicotine pouches come in nicotine strengths of 12 mg/g (Regular - 6mg/pouch), 18 mg/g (Medium - 9mg/pouch) or 20 mg/g (Strong - 11mg/pouch) and are available in eight different flavours.


TACJA by ELF Bar Nicotine Pouches | From £2.99

Place a pouch between the lip and gum, where you will experience a fresh, tingly sensation for around fifteen minutes, and the nicotine absorption will last up to thirty minutes.

Tacja nicotine pouches offer a discreet alternative choice to vaping or smoking with a stain-free, odourless and vapourless experience.

Sold in packs of 20.

TACJA by ELF Bar Nicotine Pouches | From £2.99

The Elf Bar Tacja nicotine pouches are created within two flavour profile categories, offering eight unique and distinctive flavours.

Choose from a Mellow Taste, delivering a soft and gentle flavour sensation, or their Frozen Taste, which offers an exhilarating and intense flavour rush.

Frozen Taste
Freezing Ice

Mellow Taste
Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Lemon Mango
Cherry Ice
Watermelon Ice

TACJA by ELF Bar Nicotine Pouches | From £2.99
TACJA by ELF Bar Nicotine Pouches | From £2.99


Important Safety Information.

This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

TACJA nicotine pouches are designed for adult smokers and adult users of nicotine products. TACJA nicotine pouches are not intended for:

People under the age of 18;
People who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine;
Pregnant or breast-feeding women;
People who should avoid tobacco or nicotine products for medical reasons;
People with an unstable heart condition, severe hypertension or diabetes.
Warning: The product may contain traces of nuts.

Immediately stop use of this product and seek medical advice if you experience any of the following: development of an irregular heartbeat, allergic reaction such as rash, itching or swelling of the tongue, mouth or throat; feeling faint, nausea, headache or any other unusual or adverse effect.

Keep TACJA products out of reach of children and pets.

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